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01.28.2021 / Kim Botteicher 

Prayed over in person the night before surgery and the next night the virtual prayer room

“Headed home this afternoon! Doctors, nurses and hospital staff have been amazing!!

Left replacement done on Nov. 9th...and now right one done too. Doc said it was much worse than the other one and yet I have no I mean EXTREMELY EXCRUCIATING pain like the first one. Doc doesn't know why, it was the exact same procedure with even more 'clean-up' to do!

I know why though...the healing prayer ministry (Peter’s Shadow) had 30 people praying over me from a distance yesterday and Mary Mastandrea Wheeler (that will bring a healing prayer gathering this summer to the for the announcement) prayed over me on Tuesday PLUS all my friends and relatives praying! I'm telling you it's the only difference. I mean I know I always have friends and family praying but 30 strangers from a healing ministry!!


I walked steps already today, can lift the leg off the bed...AMAZING...I couldn't do that with the left leg for like 10 days last time and then only a few inches. Strange...and yet again...
THANK YOU GOD...and all of you friends and family for your prayers! And sweet intercession of my children in Heaven, Adam and Matthew!!”