Person-first words and phrases

To heal physically and mentally, we need to look at how we use our words in everyday language. Many of the common phrases used around SUD/AUD can cause more harm than good.

In recovery, words with positive indications can do more good than you think.

Remember, there are not addicts, but only persons in recovery and those seeking recovery.

Hospital Use Declines After Implementation Of Virginia Medicaid’s Addiction And Recovery Treatment Services

Andrew J. Barnes, Peter J. Cunningham, Lauryn Saxe-Walker, Erin Britton, Yaou Sheng, Melanie Boynton, Ke’Shawn Harper, Ashley Harrell, Chethan Bachireddy, Ellen Montz, and Kate Neuhausen

Health Affairs 2020 39:2, 238-246

Patient experiences with a transitional, low-threshold clinic for the treatment of substance use disorder: A qualitative study of a bridge clinic

Rachel L. Snow, Rachel E. Simon, Helen E. Jack, Devin Oller, Laura Kehoe, Sarah E. Wakeman,

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment,

Volume 107,


Pages 1-7,

ISSN 0740-5472,



Patients reported positive experiences in a transitional, low threshold clinic for SUD, comparing it favorably to other programs. Patients maintained sobriety more consistently and increasing motivation to adhere to treatment. Patients almost universally appreciated the flexible and harm reduction-oriented model of treatment. Future quantitative research is needed to further examine the effects of low threshold programs on treatment outcomes, including ongoing substance use, treatment retention and overdose mortality, as compared to traditional treatment programs.

Keywords: Substance use disorders; Low threshold; Transitional clinic; Bridge clinic; Harm reduction; Patient experience in treatment; Outpatient services