Faces And Voices Of Recovery

Western PA

Recovery and Guidance

Learn about the paths of recovery for both families and individuals struggling with SUD/AUD.

Signs of substance abuse, dangers of substance/alcohol abuse, steps to take in recovery can be learned at the Bolivar Community Center. 


There is always someone to listen to your struggles. Either as individuals struggling with SUD/AUD or if you have a loved one struggling with substance or alcohol abuse. 

Join a meeting and/or join the center.

Someone here will listen to you. 

Recovery to Work

Recovery is the first step in bettering your life. FAVOR~Western PA helps individuals in recovery find and maintain work in the community. 

Our Mission and Goals

To achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of people through our RCO (Recovery Community Organization) 

We promote a 'multiple pathways' approach to a better life!

Living a recovery life simply means you are living a better life now than in your past...we will help clients achieve a better life; whatever that means to them and by whatever means we can. We are here to support, educate and help the person with a Substance and/or Alcohol Use Disorders as well as their family and the community as a whole by providing them with long-term support services and by being the voice of the stigmatized SUD and/or AUD client.

"Recovery" by definition is 'to get better'.

There is no destination date or recovery date...it's a life long journey.

It is our goal to bring the sustainability of recovery to our rural communities.

Faces And Voices Of Recovery in Western PA

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Phone: 724-676-2111 736 Lincoln Street Bolivar, PA 15923