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What We Believe

FAVOR ~ Western PA believes
every person "in" recovery, "seeking" recovery or "those who dont think they need" recovery
deserve the dignity and respect to receive any/all services to work a recovery pathway in our community.

In accordance of the national organization FAVOR,
FAVOR ~ Western PA, seeks to put "faces" and "voices" to all people in need.

Our passion is to reach every individual that suffers from SUD(substance use disorder) and/or AUD(alcohol use disorder),
as well as their family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

As SUD/AUD is a community disease, we believe every person in the cycle of addiction can be saved and become a productive member of society.

Also, we believe the first step to helping the millions of families that suffer from SUD/AUD is to
chip away at stigma until no one bats an eye when someone stands up and says,
"I have a SUD/AUD and need help" or "I have a loved one that has SUD/AUD and needs help".

Lastly, We believe that providing community services empowers everyone to reach their dreams.  

Who We Are

FAVOR ~ Western PA is located in Bolivar, PA.
We are our communities’ Welcome Center to Recovery.

As the only support center in our secluded rural area, we use multiple pathways offering new hope to individuals and their families struggling with SUD/AUD.

Since the Center opened in July 2013, large numbers of people have enrolled in our non-clinical recovery support programs
and have since become committed participants and volunteers.
When individuals and families come to FAVOR ~ Western PA, there are:
~ no forms to fill out,
~ no requirements to be met,
~ no mandatory insurance and
~ no discharge planning.

We believe that easy and prompt compassionate access to long-term services and recovery support is the missing element in our system of care.
At FAVOR ~ Western PA, programs and services are offered at no cost and therefore, people do not face financial obstacles to services.

How We Live

The healing can start as soon as a member is contacted, or someone walks thru the doors at FAVOR ~ Western PA.
We have created a community of people from all walks of life, each has their own story. The shared stories resonate
within the group and bonds are formed for life. We walk beside members helping them find their path to recovery.
We understand that everyone's path is different, and why we have a multi-pathway approach to recovery.
After a time, we come to respect the friendships that have developed from these devastating diseases.
Please check out our events and join us! This could be YOUR first step to recovery. 

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